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About Neowave

Neowave - Innovate eCommerce

Neowave provides a complete array of e-business products and services with special focus on developing the best e-commerce software for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We help businesses to capitalize on established web technologies to reach out to and better serve the clients.

We are very focus on what we do and we invest all of our resources in creating the very best e-commerce applications available on the market and supporting them with outstanding customer service. Neowave takes pride in creating affordable world-class products like webShaper™ e-catalogue & e-commerce solutions.

Our top priority is to increase customer's profit bottom line. Whether you're a small retailer just getting started or a high volume seller looking to streamline and upgrade your online operations, neowave has the e-commerce solution to meet your needs.

Our Mission

To be the leader in the field of e-commerce by developing the best and most innovative shopping cart e-commerce software that allow merchants to Sell More Online.

Our Values

As a company, our core values drives the way we do business, we believe in

  • Begin and End with The Customers in Mind.
  • Passion for E-commerce, Retail, Customers & Technology.
  • Relentless Pursue of Customer-Driven Innovation.
  • Never compromise to create insanely great products (that sells).
  • THINK different , DO it better, MAKE it special.
  • Integrity, Honesty & Respectfulness.
  • 2S in design methodology (Simplicity and Straightforward).
  • Accountability to customers, shareholders, partners and employees.


Why Neowave?

We Begin and End with The Customers in Mind
Customer-Driven Innovation is our DNA.

We are FOCUS
We do nothing but developing neat piece of e-commerce solution that help customer to Sell More Online.

We are Business Savvy
We seek to understand and provide only practical solutions to your business needs.

We have the Know-how
We have the both business and technical know-how to give you a competitive edge.

We simply have the passion for e-commerce.


新微网(Neowave)- 公司简介

自成立以来,本公司一直以价廉物美為服务宗旨。我们不遗余力地追求具有技术先进性、开放性、创造性及前瞻性并重的产品。我们现有的电子商务软件产品 – webShaperTM,为中小型企业提供电子目录及网上商店方案,以其易用性及实用性赢得顾客的赞誉.

新微网为本区域第一家获得 “WorldPay Accredited Storebuilder” 的电子商务专业软件公司. 我门也为第一家集成Mobile Money Weblink在线支付接口. 我门不断的改进及创新,将会是对顾客的最佳信心保正.

互联网將主导世界通讯模式, 而电子商务将是企业未来发展的必经之路, 勢將成為大小企业必备之工具。我们深信成功的企业将是传统产业与互联网的结合体。今天就让我們携手共闯网上無限空間,开发网上無尽商机.

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